Crimbo at the beach house

Christmas at the beach house! Where has this year gone? It has certainly been a busy one indeed.
In the recent weeks I have sold my wares again at the Perth Studio Potter's Christmas Bazaar. Plenty of felties went to good homes and I created two new products under the Suzie and Otto label; hand printed baby suits and lovely hand printed wrapping paper.

Some of the loveliness that was on the stall

Two weeks ago some students from school found a little kitten on the way into school in the morning. Since Mum offered to provide 24/7 support and friendship to Otto Hannah due to my extreme work hours in the second part of this year I have been a bit lonely at 48 Andromeda.... so look at my new house mate:

Meet Betsy!

Butternut pumpkin gone mad
About 5 weeks ago my lovely friend Kim of gave me two butternut pumpkin (squash to my UK friends) seedlings. This is the resulting monster! I have had to wrap it around the lemon tree three times to get it to fit in the garden. This weekend I brought the first pumpkin down to Dunsborough and made pumpkin scones with creamed honey and double cream. Delish! Not a brilliant recipe though... they didn't have amazing height so I think I had better repeat the activity with the next offspring from the beast.

Finally... I made a collection of Christmas tree decorations for friends. Here are a few decorating a little succulent and getting me happily in the Christmas mood.

Merry Christmas friends near and far. I will try to squeeze in one more post for 2009 and I will try my very hardest to be better at this in 2010 (I feel a new year's resolution coming on....)

Love Sarah, Otto and Betsy