Rose Tea experiment

On Friday my friend Kim and I went up to Northbridge to visit a few art exhibitions and have a snoop around. While looking for a small shop up on Brisbane street we found a magical cake shop called Rochelle Adonis and instantly fell in love.

We decided to sample a few goodies and we had some Fiori Rose tea with our cakes. Delish!! So I went for a visit to the Freo markets yesterday where I picked up some dried roses to attempt to make my own.
Unfortunately the roses, while extremely beautiful to look at, have almost no flavour. So I sprinkled some black tea with rose water and dried it slowly in the oven and added some dried rose geramium leaves as well. Not quite as luxurious but a pretty good cuppa until Rochelle Adonis can sell me the real thing.... mmmmm...

After procrastinating for a good few days, I finally got into the studio this weekend and made 7 bowls and 26 herb garden markers shaped like birds. Photos to follow when first lot emerge from the kiln. Less than 6 weeks until the market.......

I Love Melbourne!

I have had the loveliest holiday with my favourite ladies in Melbourne.
I have gallivanted all over the place - all over the city including the Tim Burton Exhibition and Craft Vic and Outre gallery, down Gertrude and up Brunswick streets, then over the weekend I visited 4 craft markets!! I am such a lucky girl. I have pasted some pics below with a few comments.

Some lovely graffiti... I actually took loads of photos for my journal but won't bore you with them here... I am nearly finished my 14th visual journal. I think I might takes some photos for the blog to get my crafty friends inspired to start one. Keep an eye out.

Gorgeous seat with the early morning sun rising behind it.

Me at Meet Me at Mikes!! I have an envelope in the window - Hoorah! And I did a bit of spending in there too. Happy days.

And these lovely snaps are of Cottage Industry, the most dreamy shop on Gertrude Street. Loved their crocheted cushion covers, I am feeling very inspired... watch this space.

Tonight is my last night before I fly home with a head full of crafty ideas. Less than 6 weeks until the York Mill markets so I will be making a craft plan on the plane home and sticking to it!
I have had the best time ever and am very sad to leave... I love Melbourne.

Farmer's Market

School holidays, Hoorah! Yesterday after packing Betsy off with lovely Lena from school, I raced down to the beach house for some R + R with the parents. We got up at the crack of dawn this morning to visit the Vasse Farmer's Market and here are some of the treats that we picked up:

Off to Melbourne in 4 days and shouldn't be stuffing myself with scones and bread slathered in jam and cream but it feels so good to sit here in the sun with a freshly brewed coffee and munch pumpkin bread baked by a real French man! (I am a sucker for an accent...)

Off to collect a new visual journal to taken notes of all the goodies I discover in Melbourne.

Camping in York

Last weekend my lovely friend Kim and I went camping in the sweet little town of York. According to some fellow campers it reached minus 2 degrees over night which might explain the ice on the inside of the van in the morning when we were both too afraid to move from under three doonas. On the Sunday we checked out the Food and Wine Festival and the York Mill where I will be having a stall on September 4 at their first ever Art and Craft Market.

Check out how cold we were:

Me holding a frozen tea towel (it is still only about 1 degree in this photo!)

Kim and I eating breakfast that was so cold fellow campers
kept coming by and laughing at us...

A fantastic little treasure trove we found in the centre of York

Envelope Project

The cover of my little book of riso and lino prints

A detail from the inside of the book

My little book, bookmark and brooch and the decorated envelope.
All ready for the Meet Me at Mikes Envelope Project!
I will be over in Melbourne next week - can't wait to check them all out.