New prints for pots

I have been developing some new screen prints for my pots ready for the Hubert St Fiesta by photographing leaves and flowers found in the school garden and my own. These are just test pots for a new midfire glaze that I have mixed and since I have never tried mid fire glaze and there is an excellent chance they won't work out at all, I have photographed them now to remember how nice the prints look.

Felties for my nephews

These guys were made for my nephews Archer and Thomas. Two of my favorite shapes.


This bowl was a demo pot for my new potters last term and it was one of those times when I wasn't expecting much from it and it turned out really well. This lesson is confirmed for me time and time again: Don't get too invested! These gorgeous cherries were on spesh yesterday and they taste as wonderful as they look.

Printed pots from last batch

I found a picture from my last batch of pots that has some of my little jugs included. Excuse the very less than professional photo it was taken to show the curators how to display the pots.

Recently I have been taking photos of local plants and leaves and creating riso and photographic silk screen prints from the photos. My plan was to do a load of throwing this weekend but I have allowed my oft hidden inner domestic goddess to shine through and cleaned the studio instead! Better get onto it soon, only 7 weeks until the Sustainability Fiesta.

Felty rattles

Here is my new style felty for littlies. It has a rattle inside and grab-able legs for babies to hold and shake. It also has a squeaker in the ear. Probably not so great for friends with dogs! (sorry Kym, you won't be getting the squeaker version).

New style ceramics

Earlier this year I exhibited in the Art Ed Associations First Love Exhibition and sold some of my new style pots. I have been developing my skills in print on clay and working on some really functional shapes. The most popular are my little jugs, happily for me they all sold; sadly, I didn't get many (any?) photos. But thanks to my new Giffin Grip I will be making more for the next market that I will be in.

Nope, sadly no little jugs pics but here are some serving bowls, butter dishes and beakers.

New Felty Love

Babies, babies, babies!

It has happened. All my friends (and a few of my sisters) are producing delightful and gorgeous bundles of joy. I am a bit jealous and super clucky but very excited for them and also pleased that I have the chance to get felting again! Here are a few of my recent creations. If you would liek to buy one, I have started an Etsy site but not quite got it up and online yet. Sorry! But please email me and I will be very happy to discuss shapes and ideas and give you an idea of price.

Yellow dog