Latest bits and pieces for markets

In preparation for the Mother's Day market in Cottesloe on May 2nd I have been experimenting with slightly more Mother's Day friendly items. The Little succulent pots generated lots of interest at Made On The Left but I am thinking little herb pots might be nice for next one.
I am also on the hunt for hot water bottles. I think felted covers will be the perfect Mother's Day gifts as the evenings start to get a little chillier. Difficult to find at the moment which leads me to believe they are either deeply out of fashion or in high demand (although I hope the latter to be the reason, I suspect the former is closer to the truth!). Since electicity bills are about to get a bit expensive a hottie might be just the thing for this winter.
Will have a few samples ready to post by the end of the weekend. Off to Bunnings to try to find some black Japanese lacquer to re-do an old table and chair set.
Happy autumnal stormy day!